Wednesday, June 03, 2020



As  Companies / Organization are moving their IT-Infrastructure to the cloud a special program has been defined to migrate existing applications to the could.

This will avoid rewriting application and related lenghty and costly efforts.

For technical reasons this program is organized as follows:

        a) Web-applications

        b) Applications / Custom build applications

        c) IOT devices

For each of these segments special tools are available to assists in a fast and effective way to prepare for Cloud Computing.

These programs can be executed as independent projects, under the condition that they run independent from each other.

Based on the scanned and found details we are able to modify our tools to cater for the project requirements.

All PKI's will be scanned for information in/outputs flows to ensure complete coverage.

Included in the transition are related Database / file transfers.

At the start of the project we define Goals / Objectives of the Cloud Transistion(s) based on pre-limenary estimates and source code availability.

Close participation of your IT management teams guantees a successful completion.