CORE Suite Banking

CORE Suite

Availability of new technology requires often a complete new re-thinking of entire suites of  applications to make maximum use of it.

We have performed this with our CORE Suite Applications for the Financial Industry.

Product Highlights

  • High Volume Transaction processessing using the Straight Through Processing concepts
  • 24 x 7 Operations without any interruptions
  • Can be configured to work with existing or new Customer Relationship Management / ERP software
  • Real Application Cluster implementation, thereby allowing the use of multiple servers accross private networks
  • Multiple Operating system implementation (Unix, Windows, zOS)
  • Maximum use of Relation Database features for Data Protection and authorized reporting
  • Highly secured information thru the use of a functional security framework
  • Easy interfacing with 3rd party service providers. (e.g.Swift)
  • Support Fixed lines and Mobile networks

Proven implementation!