ICT Applications

ICT Applications are being hailed as the next push to help regain the pace of our economies. This is true in particular for applications using modern mobile- and fibreoptics- networks. As powerfull applications for a diverse set of mobile platforms emerge, the effect will only be felt over a longer period of time. Selecting the right software tools and platforms is crucial to be successfull.

As a company which has been building IT infra-structures over a long period of time, we care about both the context /content and the way applications are build to guarantee success for the long term.

 This has been the case for building traditional applications, but will be even more so the case  for applications using mobile devices since the impact will be much higher.

As of today many organizations are seeking the answers to what device and infra-structure platforms will be available  today and 10 years from now. This to ensure that no time and costs will be wasted for the next "killer" application.

With the  multiple new offerings on the table today, device suppliers are making this choice difficult and carefull evaluation is required within the context of the application. For instance a question to be answered for medical applications is what mobile devices can be used? Is the frequency used by the networks & devices in conflict with the medical equipment in use?

Are the costs factors a hindrange for the acceptance of the device and/or application?

Many of these and other factors can only be addressed with the proper knowledge and experience in this field.